4 Silly Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Mar 26
gardening mistakes

Getting that garden ready for the season is always so much fun. Here are some of the most common gardening mistakes that can easily be avoided at the start off the new season with the aim of enjoying your garden.

Lacking Foliage

To get the most out of a garden, don’t just think of the flowers that will work nicely together, also remember the greenery. Including foliage into your garden and landscape design will give you a full looking garden. By including flowers and foliage, you’ll be making a nice contrast to really help your flowers stand out against the greenery.

Not Reading the Label

You know how choosing which plants to incorporate into your garden is the really fun part of making your yard look great. Then comes the part where you have to decide what kind of weed and bug killers to use. This is the less fun part of the gardening process for most people. As important as it may be, it is not the most motivating aspect of the whole project. In order to make the most of the chemicals you purchase, be sure to read the label and apply it to your garden as recommended. Using more than what is suggested on the bottle will often times have the reverse effect, and could damage your plants rather than protect them.

Pruning at the Wrong Time.

As plants are living things, they react to being cut and pruned. Pruning is a healthy routine for your trees and shrubs, but if done at the wrong time the recovery time will be affected. When it comes to early-bloom types of plants, such as lilacs, magnolias, and azaleas, it is best to prune just after they have finished blossoming for the season. As for shrubs and foliage, they should be pruned in late winter or very early spring, before they start growing again for the season. If you can pay attention to the different seasons, you will be able to help your garden continue to grow and flourish through healthy pruning timing.

Not Understanding Your Weeds & Pests.

As you prepare your garden this season, using a bug repellent and weed spray will help keep your plants healthy. In any garden center you will find many products that can help you eliminate and minimize the invasive and harmful species from your garden. The trick is that not all of the sprays and chemicals are the same. Each one provides a solution for a different problem. One may focus on a certain type of weed, while another may focus on eliminating that certain type of pest. Being able to identify which weeds and bugs that your garden is prone to grow and attract will help you choose the right spray.

The issue would be if you can’t identify your specific problem, then you will likely end up purchasing the wrong kind of spray. This can ultimately hurt your plants and allow the problem to still continue.

Preparing for another season is all about getting the right plants and flowers and treating them well. All in an effort to have a healthy and beautiful garden that represents all of the hard work that you have put into it.

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