5 Beautiful Fall Landscape Design Ideas

Sep 24

Summer might be winding down but that does not mean that your garden has to do so. Here are five things you might want to incorporate in your garden this fall:

Beautiful Veg:

You might not think that produce you grow for food can be beautiful. Fall is the time that can prove you wrong. There is still time in many parts of the world to plant some curled kale, collards and colourful rainbow chard before the weather gets too cold.

Peaceful Pond:

Before the winter, why not consider creating a pond. A pond can create a very useful habitat for your yard and the local, native wildlife will thank you for it. A pond can ensure that garden creatures have access to water year round.

Soil Enriching Meadow:

Is your lawn looking a bit the worse for wear after the summer? Consider doing away with boring buzz-cut grass and instead consider turning at least some of your garden into a meadow, with wild grasses, grains and wild flowers in beautiful profusion.

Stump Garden or Rockery:

A spokesperson for Division One, a provider of luxury home remodeling in Denver, noted that before the weather turns rough, make sure any dead or damaged trees in your yard are cut down safely. Take the opportunity to make new beds or create new ecosystems with landscaping. A stump garden or rockery could make use of things already in your garden and provide year round interest.

Fruit Trees and Canes:

Late Fall, the dormant season, is the perfect time to plant bare-root canes and fruit trees. Many of them will provide a bounty and beauty in the fall for years to come.


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