5 Benefits Of Landscaping With Native Plants

Aug 28

Landscaping your yard is a fun and exciting time. There are so many possibilities, where do you even begin? Well, there are ways in which you can make your property look great and also benefit the environmental by using local, native species of plants and trees.

Healthier Plants

Using native plants means that you will have help your local environment. By using native species that are found in your local ecosystem, you know that they thrive in that environment and are part of the bigger environmental picture in your area. Locally native plants are meant to grow in the soil in your area and do well there. This means that they will be the healthiest in that environment and live for a long time. There should be no concern about the plants dying off as they try to adapt to a new home. This is their native soil, so this is home.

Fewer Pesticides

With the use of native plants and landscaping, it is likely that you will be able to reduce or completely eliminate the use of pesticides to protect your plant life. This is because native plants have adapted to the local bugs and insects in the area. They have learned how to protect themselves against these little enemies, therefore there should be little need for the use of pesticides.

Higher Water Quality

Going along with using fewer pesticides for native plant species, you also have a decreased likelihood of harming your water supply. As pesticides are used, they soak into the ground and into ground water stores. If the pesticide is overused or ill-used, then you have the potential that we could harm the water supply. This risk is eliminated when not using pesticides, leaving you with a higher quality of water.

Reduced Water Usage

Instead of having to water your plants and trees frequently, native species already know how much water is common to the local environment. This allows you to use less water as well as time spent on maintaining green, healthy plants.

Cleaner Air

Nearly all plants help take the CO2 out of the air. They help reduce the effects that gases have on global warming and the environment. By using local, native plants and trees you are making the most of producing clean air in your landscaping. These plants will be able to do what they do best, converting harmful gases into H2O, instead of having to put energy into trying to adapt to an unknown environment.

Overall, enjoy the designing stages of landscaping. With the use of native plants and trees, you are sure to enjoy healthy plants, clean water and air, and less time spent on maintenance such as spraying pesticides and watering. The big picture is that you are able to enjoy your landscaping, as well as benefit the environment.

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