The Fundamentals of Proper Garden Watering

Dec 30

At Landscape Design Minneapolis, one of the most common questions people ask is on how to water their plants. They would like to know how much water should be applied on their plants. Although general watering is somewhat easy, is can be a complicated job.

The following are some of the factors experts suggest are ideal when watering a plant:

– Time
– Duration
– Frequency

Similarly, the age of the plant – along with its size – can greatly impact the water requirements. If you can correctly adjust these factors, you will note the ideal difference between a dying or drooping plant and a lush, healthy landscape that is full of healthy and happy thriving plants.

Time. What do you think is the best time to water a plant? Well, the best time for watering a plant is in the morning. Regular and consistent watering of plants in the morning enhances absorption while decreasing evaporation.

Duration. It is critical to apply the proper amount of water per plant. Do not overdo it, however. It may lead to diseases, distress and ultimately death. Failing to provide enough water to the plant, on the other hand, encourages yellow or wilted leaves, shallow rooting and may even cause its death.

In order to calculate the duration or to find an estimate, you have to know the soil texture. Sandy soils often require longer and frequent watering, whereas the heavier, clay-based soils require minimal watering.

Frequency. Frequency implies the number of times one is recommended to water a plant in a day or per week. We recommend that you water the plant at least three times per week during the summer months. Nevertheless, the age and size of the plant will determine the frequency. The frequency can equally be affected by the overall temperature, sun exposure and soil texture.

Plants have varying water needs. That is why you must accurately determine the delicate balance existing between watering too infrequently and too often. As a rule of thumb, plants do require just an inch or less of water per week. It is essential to understand your individual plant’s watering needs, considering that some plants require either less or more than an inch.

The following are general guidelines that apply to trees, shrubs and turfs:

Trees. We recommend watering your trees at least once or twice per week, especially during the season when rainfall is limited.

Turf. There are two philosophies for irrigating turf. One of the options comprises encouraging a deep root system by not watering frequently. On a sharp contrast, the second option encourages watering frequently, but with a light application.

Expert professionals typically recommend the first approach with the exception of extremely hot and dry periods. Frequent watering is highly recommended during drought conditions.

Shrubs. Shrubs that are supplied with appropriate irrigation during the initial growing season after transplanting will take at least 6 months “per inch of trunk diameter” to be fully established.

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