Perks of Hiring a Garden Designer

Jun 29

Walking in to a garden center or a home improvement store to look for garden ideas can be so overwhelming. There are so many different products to choose from and you think to yourself: “How will I ever choose what is best for my garden?” Even looking at different landscape designs online isn’t always the most helpful thing you can do. Generally, people get this feeling of discouragement once they start doing research on their garden project because there is just too much information out there. After all the excitement of thinking about the new possibilities of your landscape, many homeowners are left feeling like they don’t know what the actual next step to take is.

This is a common scenario for many people; this is one of the reasons why Dean Bjorkstrand has decided to become an expert at lawn and garden landscape design right here in Minneapolis. Living with the sometimes unpredictable weather and the dramatic temperature changes throughout the year, plants need to be selected carefully to be sure that they will be able to thrive in MN.

Dean is specialized in knowing which plants work best for the climate here for any type of garden or landscape you want. If you are looking to have nice evergreen color in your yard all year long, Dean can make a design that can really ‘spruce’ up your landscaping even during the winter months. Interested in a flower or food garden? Well, Dean can whip up a design that will maximize your plants’ potential along with an appealing layout.

There are certainly practical elements to landscape design as well. Many people want to have space in their yard to relax and enjoy their garden. Incorporating walking paths and sitting areas are all a part of the whole overall vibe of your property. Dean can work wonders in order to combine all of the beautiful plants that you desire and the practical everyday usage of your garden into one ideal design.

By having an experienced professional create a landscape design for you, you will be able to get a clear vision for what the final result will look like prior to it actually being done. With a vision, you will be able to enjoy this process of landscaping and transforming your garden into a masterpiece without the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Each homeowner and property has different needs. From different preferences to different soils, elevations, budgets, home styles, and lifestyles, Dean factors all of these things into each custom garden design. No matter how large or small your yard or your idea, Dean is more than happy to create a landscape design that you will love.

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