Recommended steps when searching for gardening and landscaping professionals

Mar 07

First, you should decide which gardening cares and landscaping services your garden needs. This will help determine whether you have to find professional gardeners for some quick maintenance issues like pest and weed control or leaf collection, or whether it comes to searching a big crew of professionals for transforming the entire garden landscaping. In both cases, you should keep in mind a variety of factors when making this decision. Let`s take the size and type of your garden – the big outdoor gardens with larger lawns require much more cares, than a small urban garden on the terrace. Another major factor to consider is the last time when the expert gardeners inspected your garden and the recommended frequency for inspection. Then, consider the types of the plants that you are growing in your garden and whether they are seasonal or all-weather plants, when is the harvest, whether you grow small starting plants or large trees and bushes with invasive roots. Yet that`s only the beginning on how to find the perfect professional services for your garden.

Second, stroll through the sites of the professional companies in your region and check out their services if you do it for the first time. Note the equipment that they use, the prices for hiring professional tools and machines, whether they make any discounts or not, etc. Once you are sure that you have found that you`re looking for – call the company coordinator to discuss all the details, mentioned above, and to make an appointment for visiting your garden. At this step, it is also important to discuss your expectations and that you are thriving to achieve as a result with your garden.

Third, one can easily become a gardening expert by applying the best and most famous tips, tricks and tools, used by the experts. Check out some awesome and frequently used techniques:

– Ensure a proper planting of the seeds, according to the season. Most plants require specific outdoor conditions for maturing properly, which will ensure a great harvest;

– Use the walls for growing plants in a vertical orientation, which saves more of the valuable ground space. Modular constructions, frame constructions and hanging baskets are only a couple great ideas for growing plants on the walls;

– Try to combine the right veggies in the same area in such a way that their common advantages become more, than their common cons;

– Make a reliable watering system, which is especially important for the outdoor garden in the mid-summer. Make also sure not to overdo the watering and yet to provide sufficient water for your veggies;

– Use multi-purpose tools or multi-tools. They save time and efforts, while in the same time they require the organization of a much smaller set of gardening tools;

– Measure regularly the temperature of the soil when growing in pots throughout the hottest days of the summer. Don`t expose the pots on a direct sunlight and especially the smallest pots, because there is a real issue of overheating;

– Always start the season with starting plants and then transplant them outdoors. This is an essential factor for growing healthy thriving plants. Another factor is to use only good quality seeds;

– Make yourself a sketching with the layout of your outdoor garden. This will help visualize where to plant the new seeds, according to the location of the fence perimeter, for example, or according to the location of the walkways;

– Make yourself a schedule with activities that should take place on a monthly and on weekly basis. This is the best way to maintain your garden in optimal condition just like the professionals.

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