How to Start a Garden During Minnesota’s Hot Summer

Jun 17

The hot season brings with it a number of challenges especially with regards to gardening; but your backyard does not have to dry up this summer- just use these tips to start a dreamy garden and keep it green and colorful all year round.  

Keep the watering at a minimum

More plants die from overwatering during the hot season than from actual drought. The challenge is to keep the ground wet enough throughout the day without flooding the growing plants.

How to avoid drowning your plants

One solution is to dig around each plant and create a small water reservoir. You can fill this up with water once in the morning and a second time in the evening when the heat subsides. This will allow time for the water to be absorbed by the plants before evaporating. Soil carries an amount of moisture, which you can measure by poking a stick on the ground near the plant to see how wet it is. Only water the plants when the soil on the surface is dry.

Plants do not absorb water flowing at the base of the stem or by the thick roots, only at the tips of the roots. This means that any amount of water poured directly on the plant itself is wasted. To obtain maximum absorption, target the area near the root tips and keep a slow, gradual flow of water to allow proper absorption.

When planting flowers or other delicate plants, use mulch near the roots to minimize water evaporation during the hot season. You can gather mulch from a layer of compost, dry leaves, or hay to keep the area around the plant moisturized and the plant well hydrated. This will prevent wilting. Virtually all plants can benefit from mulching. However, keep in mind that mulch can breed fungus and infections. Remove older mulch or move it around to keep the air flowing.

A grass lawn looks good when properly maintained, but it also requires a large volume of water to stay green. To minimize labor during summer, choose plants that do not require too much water. Drought-resistant plants are perfect because they thrive all through the warmer seasons and they do not need constant care.


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