Why Install Water Features?
    Captivate your neighborhood

    You may desire an enhancing fountain or a waterfall near your home’s entrance. Or you may want an entire backyard environment with a koi & goldfish pond, fountain and stream. Regardless, your property will be enhanced with the addition of quality water features.

    The installation of water features on your property will turn that property into a mini-paradise. To put it simply, water feature additions are exotic. Waterfalls, fountains and ponds provide incredible visual appeal and a strong sense of comfort to a residential or commercial property. They are the focal point of any landscape with their harmony and their natural capability of attracting wildlife.

  • Why Choose Us?
    Quality craftsmanship

    We are respected by residential and commercial clients for our skilled methods of design and water feature installation. Those who contact Landscape Design Minneapolis get the advantage of devoted design specialists, dedicated owners and installation experts. Every member of our staff is enthusiastic about the work they do.

    Installing water features for your home or place of business requires careful planning and extreme care during construction. A fountain might look nice, but our experts take the necessary precautions to make sure that it continues to function properly for many years to come.

  • Get Started Today!
    Turn vision into reality!

    We create all of our ponds, fountains and water features to ensure the greatest enjoyment of the visual exquisiteness and the relaxing sounds of a waterfall. Outdoor water features will bring you comforting bliss for years and will add harmony and tranquility to your property.

    It does not matter the size of your lawn. We can design and construct natural-looking water features to match your lifestyle, comfort and budget.

    Turn your property into a visually stunning environment today. To get started, call us at 952-905-0105 and we can schedule your on-site consultation. We deliver gorgeous results.

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